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Mar 24, 2019

Hometown hero, Brandi Carlisle, gets the Sunday Morning treatment and Naomi and Jordan discuss creativity and unfair contracts between band members. A little girl is mother to a duck and Naomi wonders what would've happened if they had actually been able to rescue some little motherless ducklings this one time a couple of years ago. Also, effigies.

Top 5

1. The Report-Martha Teichner, et al.

2. Fill In The Blanks-Brook Silva-Braga

3. Brandi Carlisle-Tracy Smith

4. On The Road-Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman

5. Kathy Griffin-Luke Burbank

Outro Music-

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast

Mar 17, 2019

Naomi is a total fan girl over America's Test Kitchen on CBS Sunday Morning but only after she rails against the inclusion of children in an otherwise adult holiday. Jordan is much more chill and just enjoys eccentric billionaires building themselves bat caves. Also, Tracy Smith interviews her own doppelgänger and manages to be totally cool about it.

Top 5

1. Charles Brown III-Conor Knighton

2. Final Entry-Jim Axelrod

3. Veep-Tracy Smith

4. Flight of Fancy-Anthony Mason

5. America's Test Kitchen-Martha Teichner

Outro Music-Song Of The Sea, Lisa Hannigan

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Mar 10, 2019


Naomi and Jordan are joined by friend of the show, Barb Kiefer, aka Aunt Barb/Nana/Nana Banana. We discuss the alternate reality of cooking shows, our crappy health care system, and the integrity of children. We are also joined by Victor The Pug who is concerned about the olive trees in Italy.


Pride of Pug-lia

Top 5

1. Rural Hospitals-Lee Cowan

2. Tree Chairs-Elizabeth Palmer

3. Pioneer Woman-Alina Cho

4. Pride of Puglia-Seth Doane

5. OTR-Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman

Outro Music-Trees On Fire, DJDS (ft. Amber Mark and Marco McKinnis)

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Mar 3, 2019


In a troubling sign of we don't know what exactly Naomi has a difficult time saying the word "documentary" today. Don't worry, we cut out the worst of it. Jordan is excited for more David Sedaris and lord willing and the creek don't rise, we will have a special guest next week! (It's Naomi's favorite aunt).


Top 5

1. Documentaries-David Pogue

2. Cheesy-Martha Teichner

3. Julianne Moore-Jane Pauley

4. OTR-Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman

5. Opinion-David Sedaris

Outro Music-Cheese and Crackers-Rosco Garden

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Feb 24, 2019


It's The Super Bowl of movie award shows and we have our nacho bar ready to go! But first we compare home staging philosophies: Wealthy people want it to look like people were just having sex while normal people absolutely do not. We talk about Tracy Smith's pretend family and how any segment about New Mexico will make it into our top 5. Also, Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman makes America ugly cry.

Top 5

1. You Want To Get In Pictures-Tracy Smith

2. Harvey Girls-Michelle Miller

3. Home Staging-Alina Cho

4. Oscars-David Edelstien

5. On the Road-Steve Hartman

Outro Music-New Mexico's No Breeze, Iron and Wine

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Feb 17, 2019

Lots of sexual innuendo this week due to the Butt Nut and George Washington segments. Sorry! It's still a family friendly podcast.

Jordan discusses the backdrop for his eventual interview on CBS Sunday Morning and Naomi is mad at parents who do not learn sign language when their kids are deaf.

Also, Victor sits in with us and promptly falls asleep.


Top 5

1. George and Mary-Jim Axelrod

2. Pink-Faith Salie

3. Butt Nuts-Conor Knighton

4. Melissa McCarthy-Lee Cowan

5. On the Road-Steve Hartman

Outro Music-Team Genius, Surely The Sun Will Explode


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Feb 10, 2019

We learn about the death of George Hartman, America's Dad, from Steve Hartman. We again lament the snub of Malcolm X at the Oscars many years ago now and make a pact to never send one another a singing telegram. Plus, Naomi is reminded again that Jordan is the biggest sweetheart ever, just in time for Valentimes Day.


Top 5

1. On The Road-Steve Hartman

2. Spike Lee-Lesley Stahl

3. Special Delivery-David Pogue

4. Dolly Parton-Tony Dokoupil

5. Love Stories-Jane Pauley

Outro Music-He Dark The Door, Linda Ronstadt


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Feb 3, 2019

Jordan does his best Sam Elliott impression to Naomi's delight. They discuss his appeal, sexual and otherwise. Sesame Street turns 50 years old and we learn that the Muppet actors probably cannot rely on natural deodorant in such close quarters. Naomi remember the many hours of eating at the Waffle House in her front yard as a teenager and Jordan's signature segment is safe from the chopping block. Long live The Logo Report!


Top 5

1. Sam Elliott-Martha Teichner

2. Waffle House-Luke Burbank

3. Food Allergies-Tony Dokoupil

4. Sesame Street-Serena Altschul

5. Factum Arte-Seth Doane

Outro Music-He Dark The Door, Linda Ronstadt


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Jan 28, 2019

Naomi and Jordan bake up a big ol' birthday cake for CBS Sunday Morning's 40th Birthday.


There is no Top 5.


Outro Music-Happy Birthday, Altered Images


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Jan 20, 2019

Naomi and Jordan delight in being included in the segment about podcasts on CBS Sunday Morning today. Marty Stuart needs to open up that museum soon and the all too brief obituary of Walter Chandoha left us wanting more. Here is his New York Times obit:

Top 5

1. Out in the Cold-Lee Cowan

2. Marty Stuart-Mark Strassman

3. On Display-Rita Braver

4. Podcasts-David Pogue

5. Mobituaries-Mo Rocca


Outro Music-Wait for the Morning-Marty Stuart


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Jan 14, 2019

Naomi and Jordan enjoy some healthy debate about art, key lime pie, and the sensibility of importing a guillotine to do your dirty business.

Top 5

1. The Green Book-Martha Teichner

2. Damien Hirst-Tracy Smith

3. Key Lime Pie-Nancy Giles

4. Island Hopping-Conor Knighton

5. Opinion-Luke Burbank


Outro Music-Pleasant Valley Sunday-Carole King


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Jan 6, 2019

Naomi and Jordan are joined this week by longtime CBS Sunday Morning fan, Wendy! How did she got on this esteemed podcast? She brought us donuts, of course!

There are an awful amount of pseudonyms to wrestle with on today's show. Also, 19-hour flights? Are they a chance to relax and have a mini vacation or are they just the same old hell on earth with even more recycled farts?


Top 5

1. Nancy Pelosi-Jane Pauley

2. Are We There Yet-Kris Van Cleave

3. Willem-Dafoe-Serena Altschul

4. Passage/Not A Passage-Captain Dragon and Super Dave

5. On The Road-Steve "The Tearjerker" Hartman


Outro Music-Captain's Dead, The Coathangers


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Dec 30, 2018

Naomi and Jordan return from their hiatus rested and ready to discuss CBS Sunday Morning. True to form, we kvetch about our local CBS affiliate preempting our program and making us feel like we can't have what we want when want it.

We discuss the "Hail and Farewell" segment and the mysterious and silent white deer of New York.

Top 5

1. Encyclopedia Britannica-Luke Burbank

2. Laurel and Hardy-Lee Cowan

3. 2019 Is Gonna Suck-Various

4. Moment In Nature-Carl Mrozek

5. Hail and Farewell-Young Kim


Outro Music-People Who Died, Against Me!


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Dec 2, 2018

A bunch of stuff gets bumped to give George Herbert Walker Bush the Sunday Morning treatment after his passing yesterday. We get a look at Gary Trudeau's life and we dip our toes into the Negative Lake but then pull them out.

We celebrate the First Day of Hannukah by announcing a 4 week long hiatus from the podcast, unless they get Doris Day on the show. See you in the New Year!

Top 5

1. GHWB-Rita Braver

2. Gary Trudeau-Jane Pauley

3. Abracadabra-Faith Salie

4. Their Annie Hall-Serena Altschul

5. Baby, It's Cold Outside


Outro Music-Baby, It's Cold Outside-Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Nov 25, 2018

Naomi and Jordan remember their respective childhood waterbeds with great fondness. Naomi ends up defending adulterers (again) and Jordan really hates gross old ladies who tell Alessia Cara how to dress.

Top 5

1. Conspiracies-Susan Spencer

2. Gary Hart-Rita Braver

3. Alessia Cara-Lee Cowan

4. John Prine-Anthony Mason

5. Water Beds-Luke Burbank


Outro Music-He Forgot That It Was A Sunday, John Prine


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Nov 18, 2018

Naomi and Jordan celebrate their CBS Sunday Morning bounty with Irish Coffee's inspired by the sloshiest bartender in San Francisco and talk about all 380 segments on CBS Sunday this week. Naomi rails against Costco for not selling tater tots and Jordan is triggered by hi-def taste buds.

Top 5

1. Feast For The Eyes-David Pogue

2. Black Gold-Seth Doane

3. The Sioux Chef-Martha Teichner

4. Taste Buds-Lee Cowan

5. Hot Sauce-Michelle Miller


Outro Music-One Millionth Of A Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday, The Flaming Lips


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Nov 11, 2018

Naomi and Jordan talk about their weird pizza habits, which may alienate some listeners. Jordan wants to go to the worst pizza place in Naples and Naomi wonders how quickly Ben Stiller would snap and break your neck. Gay conversion therapy is bunk religion and The Cable Guy is a pretty great movie. Squirrel CPR? We are obviously going to talk about that.

Top 5

1. Gay Conversion-Erin Moriarty

2. Clarence Smoyer-Seth Doane

3. Tokyo Pizza-Ben Tracey

4. On the Road-Steve Hartman

5. Ben Stiller-Tony Dokoupil


Outro Music-Cathedrals, The Handsome Family


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Nov 4, 2018

Naomi and Jordan are back together for their 121st episode wherein they wonder if Jeff Goldblum comes by his nincompoopery honestly.


Top 5

1. Why It Matters-Mo Rocca

2. Jeff Goldblum-Anthony Mason

3. Street Art-Seth Doane

4. Sleep-Tracy Smith

5. On the Road-Steve Hartman


Outro Music-Autumn Leaves, Frank Sinatra


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Oct 28, 2018

Sue Camp a.k.a. Luka's mom joins Naomi this week as a guest co-host. Sue, along, with Luka run the Twitter group CBSAnipals. Every week they get together and watch CBS Sunday Morning and have developed lifelong friendships as a result. This just might be the best thing to come from the internet.

Naomi and Sue tackle the sensitive issues of this week's show and  talk about candy and movies, too. Sue is willing to try this licorice from Denmark if it's the salty kind and has tipped us off to a chance to win some fancy licorice from the company featured on today's show Naomi tries to imagine herself being as generous as Joanna Worsley after her husband's death and thinks she would come up short.

Top 5

1. Blackface-Maurice Dubois

2. Licorice-Conor Knighton

3. Antarctica-Anthony Mason

4. Horror Films-Lee Cowan

5. 1968-Jim Axelrod


Outro Music-Luka, Suzanne Vega


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Oct 14, 2018

With Tina Turner on this week, we opened up the social media polls to ask listeners which of her songs they wanted us to feature as our outro music. Facebook wanted Better Be Good To Me and Twitter picked The Best, which we should have just picked from the beginning. The Best is an amazing song and should become our national anthem once we move past these dark times.

Faith Salie found the one topic everyone across America can agree with, which is EVERYTHING CANNOT BE BREAKING NEWS!

Also, we fall in love with @craftyiscool aka Allison Hoffman's CBS Sunday Morning fan art pieces.


Allison Hoffman

Top 5

1. Flat Earthers-Brook Silva-Braga

2. Tina Turner-Gayle King

3. Tiny Doors-Mark Strassman

4. Campaign 2018-Tony Dokoupil

5. Opinion-Faith Salie


Outro Music-Better Be Good To Me and The Best-Tina Turner


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Oct 8, 2018

Naomi and Jordan are fresh from a mini wedding anniversary retreat with some perspective on watching CBS Sunday Morning in the actual morning. Naomi takes exception to Steve Perry being called "The Voice" and Jordan recalls a Journey themed video game from his youth.

Top 5

1. Clearing the Air-Tony Dokoupil

2. Cindy Adams-Mo Rocca

3. Steve Perry-Tracy Smith

4. On The Road-Steve Hartman

5. Ghost Crabs-Joseph L. Frandino


Outro Music-Lovers On The Sun, David Guetta feat. Sam Martin


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast


Sep 30, 2018

Naomi and Jordan buckle up for the 40th Season of CBS Sunday Morning. Hearing Aid Watch is officially over and we get treated to an insider look at David Pogue's ears. Naomi feels guilty about balloons and Jordan is above beauty pageants.

Alternative titles for today:

David Pogue's Tiny Ears

A Tale of the Small Ear Canals

Deflowering Conor Knightson

Dr. Muffaletta and the Case of the Missing Appendix

Bra Burners and Balloonatics

Top 5

1. Balloons-Conor Knighton

2. Hearing Aids-David Pogue

3. Ted Turner-Ted Koppel

4. 1968 Miss America Pageant-Rita Braver

5. Opinion-Rebecca Traister


Outro Music-Pump Up the Volume, AR Kane and Coulourbox


The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast



Sep 24, 2018

Naomi's new glasses has Jordan wondering if her IQ has gone up, like, 5 points. It hasn't. Jordan has shockingly never seen Rain Man but gets the gist. A human voice from beneath the water takes us out of nature in today's Moment In Nature and Hearing Aid Watch is almost at an end.


Top 5

1. Murphy's Back-Lee Cowan

2. Fact v. Fiction-Tony Dokoupil

3. Behind the Headlines-Martha Teichner

4. Michael Ovitz-Rita Braver

5. Moment In Nature


Outro Music-Sometimes On A Sunday, The Glorious Sons

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast



Sep 17, 2018

Bill Geist officially retires from CBS Sunday Morning giving Naomi and Jordan all the feels.

Naomi admits to some embarrassing gaffes lately and Jordan defends Jim Gaffigan again.


Top 5

1. Robert Redford-Lee Cowan

2. Lanai Cats-Conor Knighton

3. Almanac-TV Antennas

4. Beer-Jim Gaffigan

5. Bill Geist Retrospective-Bill Geist


Outro Music-It's So Hard to Say Goodbye To Yesterday, Boys II Men

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast



Sep 9, 2018

An unsatisfactory viewing experience on the CBS News app has Naomi and Jordan questioning their life choices an whether they will be able to watch the upcoming primetime special, or not. They recount other times they have been met with difficulties and persevered.

Today's Moment in Nature is of a naked Burt Reynolds.

Also, week 2 of #hearingaidwatch is underway.Moment in Nature: Bears


Top 5

1. Almanac

2. Passage

3. Alberto Giacometti-Tony Dokoupil

4. In the Wind-Chip Reid

5. Mile Post


Outro Music-Hear, Moonpools and Caterpillars

The Sunday Morning Experience Podcast



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